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We understand that a home purchase is a very stressful and busy process. The buyer has within five business days from the acceptance of the residential real estate contract the right to demand from the seller items as stipulated by the Illinois Condominium Property Act, and the seller shall diligently apply for the same. In other words, the buyer has five business days to order and complete a home inspection and demand the seller correct or repair defects found during the home inspection.

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Simple Scheduling
We have designed this Website in a way to make navigation easy and inspection scheduling simple.

Quick Turnaround
We will deliver your home inspection report within 48hours from the inspection.

Quality Inspections
We are independent enterprise and work exclusively for you.We are independent enterprise and work exclusively for you.

Years of Experience
We focus on your needs and use all of our knowledge and experience to make you satisfied with our services.

For your convenience we speak English, Lithuanian, Russian, and Polish.

Reasonable Fees
Our fees are reasonable and transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What does a home inspection provide?

A. Home inspections are intended to provide a client with objective information regarding all visually observable conditions of the systems and components of the home as inspected at the time of the home inspection. Inspections performed in accordance with ASHI standards are:

  • Not technically exhaustive. This means the home inspector will NOT use investigation methods that involve dismantling or the extensive use of advanced techniques, measurements, instruments testing, calculations, or other means.
  • Are NOT required to identify concealed conditions, latent defects, or consequential damages.

Q. What standards is a home inspection based on?

A. The home inspection will be performed according to the Illinois Administrative Code and the standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Q. Is the client required to sign a contract prior to the home inspection?

A. According to the Illinois Administrative Code, home inspectors and home inspector entities shall enter into a written agreement with the client or duly authorized representative PRIOR to the home inspection.

Q. When does the client receive the inspection report?

A. The home inspector will submit a written report to the client or duly authorized representative within two business days (Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays) which includes the inspector’s signature and license number and license expiration date.

Q. When must the client pay for the inspection?

A. The payment is due upon completion of the onsite inspection and due before the inspection report is delivered to the client.

Q. Does the home inspector provide any type of warranty?

A. Under the standards of practice of the NAHI Chapter 1.10, inspections performed in accordance with the standards DO NOT express an implied warranty or guarantee of the useful life of any item, component, or system in, on, or about the inspected property.

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